Monday, August 28, 2006

Kelsey and Saturday

Ah, at long last last, some clarification on that story from Saturday night:

So, Kelsey Seale was flying back into town on Saturday afternoon - from Germany. She's crazy: she missed the first week of classes for a study abroad thing over there. I can't blame her, per se, but nevertheless it's still going to be fun to tease her about - in roughly three months when the stress from it is finally gone.

In any case, she was supposed to arrive at 3:17 pm. Well, at about 2:15 or so I got a call from her saying, "Hey, we had to set down in Canada for a medical emergency, so I missed my connecting flight, so I'm getting rerouted on a flight through Memphis back to OKC tonight." Okay, cool. I turn around and drive back to the dorms, and do homework the rest of the afternoon (well, sort of - I had a hard time focusing). I head back over to the airport that evening, driving through silly Oklahoma weather. [Hey, let's be raining! Half a mile later: hey, let's be completely dry! Repeat verbatim at least 4 times.] It was an awesome storm. Which sucked, overall.

I get to the airport, and am trying to go see if I can preemptively deal with getting her luggage for her, as it theoretically might have come through more quickly than she did - except the other flight it would have come through on also got significantly delayed, but by the storm. In the midst of checking on all this - all moot anyway, since the Northwest Airlines baggage office never got opened that night - I hear to my surprise that the flight is now supposed to get in at 8:34. Cool!

Next thing you know, my cell phone starts dying. Take note; this is important! A couple minutes after it dies (and the plane theoretically should have gotten there), we start hearing notices that one flight from Dallas-Ft. Worth got turned around and sent back thanks to the storm. Oh, joy. And the minutes are ticking by. I'm figuring, "Hey, storm, it'll push them back a bit." When a bit is 9:10, which is 20 minutes after originally scheduled arrival and 35 after the updated ETA, I go downstairs to talk to a baggage guy and check on this again. He checks, lets me know they got rerouted to Dallas-Ft. Worth. Right as I'm walking away from him, the lights flicker, and go out - after a second they come back on. On backup generator power (most of the people in the airport missed figuring that out). Fun. And even though a NA flight has come in, there's still no one in the baggage claim office for them, which is annoying.

I figure I need to get in touch with Kelsey - but my phone is at that annoying point where you turn it on, it gives you about four seconds, and then turns itself back off. So I borrow someone else's phone, manage to use it to call her, find out they've set down at Dallas-Ft. Worth, and are waiting for a decision on whether they're going to refuel or have them disembark and get on other planes to get to OKC. At that point, I decide I need to get in touch with people back in Norman (my roommate and her roommates) to let them know what's going on, so I keep borrowing the guy's phone - much appreciated by this point - to call Katie and Dean. And then I wait. Keep checking the baggage claim - no one ever actually shows up, to my annoyance - and all that. I try to pull out my phone to check for messages and suddenly it's showing a lot more battery. I'm growling and grumpy at my phone by now, because it's so inconsistent. I call my family, let them know what's up and to keep praying over it all.

And then I just go upstairs and wait, scanning every flight as it gets in. Hers finally arrives at about 11:00, I guess, maybe a little after, since I see her walking toward me at 11:10. Yay! Then we think about the baggage situation for a bit and decide to just drive home - no point not to, b/c the baggage just wasn't going to be there, period. So we get her back, the girls feed her (and me, despite my protests that I hadn't any need for them to feed me), and then I go get some sleep so I can still be functional at church in the morning. Yeah. Craziness. I feel more bad for her than me, though, given she was in airports or on planes for a solid 24+ hours. All I had to do was wait in an airport for 3.5 hr. :p

Anyways, back to homework for me. God bless!

- Chris

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