Saturday, August 19, 2006

The last few days

Should be a semi-busy day, though hopefully less busy than the last few have been. (That the last few have been busy is not a bad thing, given I was moving people in and doing BSU stuff and just hanging out with friends, but it has been tiring.) I've got a couple errands to run (involving bicycles!) and my job to do today (and theoretically, I probably ought to go apply for other jobs, since the one I was hoping to get they haven't called me about). It should all be good overall, though, and as I noted, probably a more relaxed day.

Yesterday and Thursday were definitely amazing, though, not least because of the amount of time I got to spend with Chris Goree. The man is awesome; I respect him as a man of God immensely. And he's just hilarious. :p Everyone else I've been meeting over the last few days - mostly freshman, but not entirely - has been pretty cool, too. Stephen Carradini, a guy Chris knew that we moved in, is proving to have been on my heart from the moment I heard about him for good reason; clearly, God has been doing a preparation for us to be good for each other. And the many freshman I hung out with last night - Sharon, Jamie, Andrea, Drew, Casey, Stephen (same one), Samuel, and Nick(?) - were all awesome. Definitely some divine appointments there, and definitely cool seeing how the Holy Spirit was working through me - I was being really good at social stuff, just really on top of it and keeping it natural and all that goodnes... and all of you know me well enough to know just how not me that is. *laughs* God is good, and this year is going to rock.

I'm going to go take a shower so I don't freak people out with my smelliness now. Grace and peace be with you from God!

- Chris

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