Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday recap

The following is my yesterday. And not terribly dissimilar from all future Mondays... *eyes bug out*

7:50 - leave dorm to attempt to track down Dr. Stephenson to straighten out issues with classes.
8:05 - arrive at Catlett, find he's not there, nor available. Spend next hour and twenty minutes practicing piano and singing.
9:30 - the day starts in earnest, with my physics lab lecture.
10:30 - Music History class
11:30 - lunch break, see several awesome friends. Yay!
12:30 - Physics III: Intro to Modern Physics. Looks like it ought to be a good class, definitely a good homework load, too. Dr. Murphy's cool, though.
1:30 - Physical Math II: yay for the guy being from either Eastern Europe or, more likely after considerable thought and discussion among the members of the class, Portuguese (meaning more likely Brazilian). Step down for most of the class (after Petrov). Possible step up for me (after Zhu).
2:30 - Physics lab, runs for two hours and by this point I'm starting to feel pretty drained... but the day's a long ways from over just yet.
4:30 - go back over to Catlett. Start the ball rolling to finally get my missing credit hour back (after trying two or three times last year to get it back), looks like success will finally happen on that count. Try to talk to Dr. Stephenson again; he's not in his room so I leave him a message in his mailbox, then walk out of Catlett - to find him walking in. Talk to him, get things straightened out. All of the running around takes just over half an hour.
5:05 - start walking back to Adams so I can get my bike so I won't be any more horribly late for my MT meeting than I have to be; also so I can drop my backpack, which is just not worth carrying to my next class.
5:14 - run into room, drop stuff, quickly check e-mail for directions to Jaques' house - not there. An e-mail I have to respond to from a friend is, so I do that, then run out the door.
5:20 - stand around waiting for elevator. It finally comes, and I sprint my bike up to the Union just as quick as I can. Silly pedestrians keep making me slow down. I finally get there... three minutes late. No biggie, because:
5:33 - Ballroom Dance class starts. This class is fun, but significantly more wearying and difficult than anyone would ever expect if they hadn't done it before. It goes for two hours with about a ten minute break.
7:20 - class gets out, I turn around and sprint my bike back down to the dorms so I can grab my Bible and call Dick Jaques for directions to his house.
7:32 - Steph and I leave for the Jaques' MT together. We get there, join in the festivities short term. They feed me dinner (which everyone else had back at 6:30 when the meeting actually started), and we're going through all our MT stuff to basically set up our vision for the year. We conclude with everything at about 10:15. I drive Steph back to the dorms, we talk for half an hour. I try to get in touch with Stephen, who I've been playing phone tag with for about 4 hours at this point, and fail.
10:52 - I finally get back to my room for more than a 2-minute interval, and basically just chill out

I've already decided not to ever try to do homework on Mondays, for what are perhaps obvious reasons. I've also decided I'm going to need lots of God's grace for Mondays. Good thing for me He never runs out or stops giving it liberally!

Grace and peace with all of you!

- Chris

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