Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I'm so tired... I'm going to bed just as soon as I finish writing this up. There's a lot I wanted to write about, both about things I've been thinking about and this book I've been erading, but honestly, I don't think I can do it justice in the current stae of affairs in my head. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, if that, and while it was for very good reason, it still leaves me pretty drained, especially seeing as my back is continuing to give me problems, which causes the rest of my body to have pain, which causes me to be tired anyway... you get the idea, I'm sure. Anyways, mostly wanted to just let everyone know I'm still alive, still thinking... eventually I'll get another update done on my philosophy blogspot, something about the flaws in utilitarianism as a worldview. And packing is going to happen the rest of the way - I've already got my CDs and books all boxed up. And hopefully I'm going to finish reading these books, get some more writing contracts lined up, clean my car, and wrap up most everything around her, and all that tomorrow! Thanks, as always, for your prayers, and peace be with you!

- Chris

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