Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Well," said Sam, "I'm back."

That's right, you read the title. I'm back in Norman. It's definitely still too sticky for me to be really happy with the weather, but I love being back here, and having people start to trickle in. I can't even express how much I've missed this place. It's kind of weird, when it really feels like coming here was coming home.

There've been a few interesting things since my last post. I did get the car, and it's awesome. I love driving a stick. And the car just looks awesome. Though it could use a bath, having driven across Kansas. Blech. (That was a joke, people, though it does need a bit of a bath from the bugs.) Umm... my room is a thing causing slight annoyance at this point, because the lofting kits Dean and I were planning on having access to so we could put our beds up high and our desks and stuff under them... aren't available, and apparently won't be for about three weeks. Yay for OU Housing. :P It's really not a big deal; it's just a hassle - especially because it'll cause us to completely rearrange our rooms in a few weeks. After school starts and we're in the middle of crazy business. It's okay, we'll make do.

The rest of today, I'm going to pretty much just keep working on my room, make a Walmart run for some supplies, and eventually (tonight at 5), go to the BSU for our all-MT get-together in preparation for the school year, and that ought to rock. I'll get to see quite a few people I haven't seen in along while, and I'm looking forward to that immensely. I'm looking forward even more to having everyone move back in over the course of the week.

Anyways, I'm going to grab a quick shower, shave, and go to Walmart for those things we need. I hope you all have a wonderful day... and I'll see many of you soon! God bless.

- Chris

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