Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm back again

Well, it's that time again, everyone - time for an update from Chris!

First, some news on my wrist. Thank you for all of your prayers. I saw an orthopedic specialist yesterday, and found out that, contrary to what my primary care doctor here had surmised, my arm is not broken. Could have fooled me - the orthopedist noted that I easily had enough pain for a fracture, but the x-ray indicated no such thing. Apparently I once again managed to almost break the bone but instead only bruised it and damaged all the tissues and ligaments around it. It still hurts, especially when I'm typing - and that with it in a wrist brace - so your continued prayers for my strength and endurance would be greatly appreciated. Regardless, praise God that it's not broken.

Otherwise, things have been all right around here. I've struggled somewhat with a couple of my classes because of the arm - having to dictate Fourier Transform problems (nasty math) to try to solve them through a friend writing them down just doesn't come out well - but I'm already back on track, and being able to write should help immensely. Things have mellowed in the social sense a bit, but I'm going every night, since I have an evening church service on Sundays - which I go to mainly because that is my family around here, as well as the consistently excellent teaching and worship - my BSU ministry team meeting on Monday nights, a Bible study on Tuesdays, am co-leading a Bible study myself on Wednesday nights, and then BSU itself on Thursdays! God contines to lead me with all of those things and give me the strength and wisdom that I need to carry on.

He's been working a lot in me regarding continued greater humility. As He continues to show me why He's given me the amazing giftedness He has, He also continues to show me how frail I am, how prone to sin and error, and how great He is, how great the purpose He desires to work is. We are so small in comparison to Him, so tiny and helpless. That He chooses to work through us - through me! - is still a source of amazement to me. He's also brought conviction about not having a grumbling heart or a spirit that is ready to complain - ironically (but perhaps unsurprisingly) through the Bible study I prepared and led on Wednesday night. I love how faithful He is to do that. In other areas, He's continued to set me free from my emotions, allowing me to react in Him and in the fullness of confidence in the Spirit rather than the weakness of my own flesh. I can see both how far I've come in the last many months - even since getting here - and how very far I still have to go. He's also been reminding me that we ought to be in fellowship with Him always, not just when it's convenient, not just in our quiet times, but all the time. I'm just starting to have the faintest idea of what it really means to "pray without ceasing," and to keep my focus on Him all the time every day. And it's suddenly glaring at me how much I don't. But it's wonderful to see Him working, and oh the joy of drawing closer to Him, of being continually in the presence of our Friend! It's a joy beyond comparison.

I continue to seek the Spirit's wisdom regarding what to do and when with my very busy schedule, with the many things I long to do, from writing to composing to physics. He will guide me, and is. More and more I want to exercise all the gifts He's given me... and there are opportunities. They are small things. But isn't that how He always works? He trusts us with these little things so that we can learn how to be responsible enough for Him to let us do the big things. And I just learned something as I wrote that... I love the Spirit so much! :D I am continuing as well to learn patience, in those areas and in every other.

All in all, despite the great difficulties and trials through which I have been going and which I continue to go through, I can't help but say that God is good, and that life is a joy. More and more I find that the harder things get, the more I find strength in Him, the more I find myself delighting in Him. I almost look forward to another cranking up of the difficulty level, because it's just a greater opportunity for Him to be glorified in my weakness. The more things go downhill, the more I'm sure of who He is, and though my emotions flare, I continue to have His peace. Do you know what His peace is? Really, it's pretty simple. It's just knowing Him. The more we know Him, the greater our peace, because He is a solid rock - the solid rock - and He never changes, never moves, never shifts in the least. He is God! He is almighty, and He loves us! I find myself unable to express what is in my heart, but simply to say that He is great. Greater than all. Greatest, in every way. Unmoveable, mighty to save, and true. I wish I could communicate it, but I can't. He is God.

I pray His peace and His grace be with you, that you might have strength to carry on.

In Him,

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