Tuesday, September 26, 2006


As promised, I'm recommending certain good sites as I stumble upon them:

R. Albert Mohler's blog - he's one of the best and most consistently Biblical writers and thinkers I've found, and has some profound (and often convicting) things to say about Christians in culture. He's also an excellent source of information on things like religious freedom (which is dying faster than people realize, especially in Europe).

A sample of his writing: “Our lack of concern for the integrity of marriage, and our own accommodation to the new ideals of personal autonomy and self-fulfillment is observed by the world beyond the church. The recovery of a marriage culture in secular America is a long shot. Given the long-term trends and the lack of a public consensus, nothing dramatic is likely to happen... The real question is whether the church will recover a marriage culture in our own sphere. This will require a recovery of resolve and conviction, and the re-assertion of a biblical concept of the church as the body of Christ, with individual members living in fellowship, discipline, and mutual accountability under the authority of God’s Word. This means that, for Christian couples, our marriages are not our own private affairs, but crucial arenas for living out faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. Just imagine how Christian credibility would be demonstrated when, against the trend of marriage decline in the secular culture, researchers would report that one group stands as an obvious exception—the followers of Jesus Christ.”

Well said.

- Chris

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