Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Discussions among brethren

I've been reminded rather sharply today of how easily we as Christians fall into the trap of attacking each other when passionately discussing various aspects of our faith on which we disagree. From the predestination question to what proper dating looks like to almost any other topic about which Christians care deeply, hot topics tend to incite hot discussions. And, in our state of ongoing sanctification (rather than completed perfection), we all too often make the terrible mistake of attacking one another rather than seeking to edify and build one another up. I am probably the worst person I know about this, thanks to my pride and frequent "need" to be right about something. God has called us to a higher standard than that. I got into a heated discussion today on the Boundless blogs about dating and marriage and their roles in our lives, and all too quickly two Christians who love the Lord (and thus, should love each other!) were arguing fiercely, combatively, and harshly. We were not demonstrating God's love to each other, nor to those around us, nor to any non-Christians who might have stumbled on the blog entry and started reading it. And reading another conversation back and forth, I saw the very same thing between others. How easily we fall right back into the same kinds of vindictiveness and destructive conversations from which we have been saved! How easily we forget that we are to bear under each others' weaknesses, showing grace and love to one another, even as Christ has showed His own grace and love to us and born our weaknesses. How easily we step into pride rather than the humility to which we are called. It breaks my heart. I'm so grateful for that, for the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit to point out our wrong and break us again and remold us and draw us ever nearer to Him.

- Chris


  1. Preach it! It's tragic to see Christians cutting each other down and squabbling.

    Sometimes we have to realize that not every believer will ever agree on a given issue and that fighting isn't going to help anything.

  2. Good observation!
    The Word says that we are to avoid debatable issues. Most likely for this very reason!


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