Friday, February 16, 2007

Big news

Well, at long last, I've finally managed to get my website ( up and working. It links to the primary version of this blog, has samples of my music, my writing, and even a brief bio! Do stop by sometime and let me know what you think, please! (As a related side note, the blogspot iteration of this blog may at some point end up being relocated to, but I'll let you know if and when that happens.) God bless, and good night!

- Chris


  1. VERY impressive!

    chris, God has poised you for an incredible life bringing honor and glory to Him. that may be difficult for you to see right now, but it's true. though trite, please keep focused on Him. it is not easy, but God has filled you with SO much that satan will try to, in the very least, diminish that.

    you are reaching the potential of the man God created you to become before the foundation of the world. when you seek your wife, look for a young woman doing the same.

  2. Your web page looks good.

  3. i apologize; i do not remember you asking permission to link to my site. absolutely, you may link to my site and reference anything there; my words and my life are for God.

    and thank you.

    i'm in process getting two little girls ready to go to their dad's, so i'll reply to the rest of your comment later.

  4. thank you, chris, for your comment and compliments - truly, it is all of God and none of me. the bible verse is timely - thank you. i needed to be reminded of that. and thank you for your prayers; they are greatly appreciated; i am humbled.


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