Friday, February 16, 2007

Blog rec 2

I'm recommending another blog (I know! Two in just a few days!), this one from a friend just in the blog world. I've never met Ame, but I have been blessed by her repeatedly. I first ran into her on the Boundless Line blog responses, where her older and wiser perspective provided a nice contrast to most of the rest of us (gangling youths that we often are). I then noticed her posting on Curious Servant's blog - which, if you're not reading, you should be, as he's a very Godly man doing his best to glorify his creator in the midst of what are often very trying circumstances... and he's succeeding marvelously. Given both of those, I finally tracked her down to her own home blog, by which I have been blessed immensely. She writes deeply and passionately about her life as a single mother of two, with all the challenges posed by that situation - and with the grace of God to support her in the midst of it. I hope you'll take the time to read what she has to write. You'll be blessed, encouraged, and - more than likely - convicted by it. So go read AMExpression! Grace and peace be with you all.

- Chris

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  1. thank you - and the blessings and conviction are mutual :)


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