Sunday, February 25, 2007

His grace

I'm very tired, and I'm going to bed shortly. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow feeling somewhat better. I had a migraine hit me about ten minutes after worship started during Sunday School before church today. I slept for three hours between church, worked on homework as soon as I got back, and will work on a bit more before I go to bed. Probably. I may just go to bed and get up early (I may have little other choice, honestly). I'm going to try to find a doctor to see about this. It's now been fully seven weeks that I've had a headache every single day. That's way, way too long, and it needs to change, and soon. Most days aren't bad - and I've gotten so accustomed to the headaches that unless it's bad, like it was today, I often don't even notice - but days like today are exceedingly unpleasant.

What's interesting to me, though, is how God has been working in me in the last few months. Whereas in the past - as was often the case last semester - a hard day would leave me extremely down and depressed, this has not. It has been frustrating, to be sure. But when asked how I'm doing, I've honestly had to say that I'm doing well. I am. Yes, I have a horrible headache, I'm dizzy, and I'm slightly nauseous. But really: given everything else going on, and above all given that God is still Lord, I am doing well. My circumstances may be less than ideal; but so are those in many others' lives. What matters is not our circumstances, but our hearts' responses to those circumstances. And God be praised! He's been working in my heart so that I can have joy, can praise Him, can thank Him, no matter how my day goes. That is a testimony to His grace alone, because nothing I could have done could have effected this change. For now my testimony is slowly becoming that I'm content whatever my circumstance, and that I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me (see Philippians 4:11-13). This, then, is another opportunity for me to boast in my weakness (I do believe that is becoming a theme of my life!) and proclaim the strength of Christ alone!

God bless you all, and good night!

- Chris

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  1. gosh, chris - i am SO sorry. when you go to the doctor, i'm sure he'll ck out allergies, too - i'm guessing you're in a high-allergy area.

    and, DO make that appt SOON and keep it!!!!!


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