Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Quantum, migraines, and God's faithfulness

It's interesting how much fun quantum mechanics can be at 3 am after a day when you've had a migraine and not enough sleep. That was last night. Amazingly, God blessed me with restful sleep afterward, so that in the five hours I actually got, I woke up well before my alarm went off, feeling rested, and then had an excellent day today. Still had a headache - though, praise be to God, the migraine I had yesterday was gone - but today was a good day. It was a choice for it to be so, at times, but it was a good day. I was reminded of God's faithfulness to His people. I don't plan on pulling a lot of those late-night study sessions - getting ahead instead is greatly preferable - but nevertheless it was a blessing to see Him meet me. Of course, the trick is, it wasn't for or about me. I had an opportunity to have a good conversation with a friend today about the divine nature (or not) of the Bible, and what we should do with the moral law in it if it is indeed direct revelation from God. It was a conversation I'd prayed for; and I was blessed to see how God has changed me so that it wasn't a debate and it wasn't about me... and it wasn't even about the topic we were discussing, but about God's character and about His word. That was a blessing.

Now, though, I'm increasingly aware of just how far I have to go in the area of not debating, of letting His word speak for itself, of getting out of the way so He can work. He's brought me a long ways, for which I give Him all the glory, but there is far for me to go yet. There always is. That's both a little hard to stomach and extremely encouraging. It makes me hungry for heaven. And that's a good thing. We need to be a lot more mindful of where we're going. If we're not, if we're not excited about heaven, it's because we don't have good understanding of where we're going and how awesome it's going to be to be with God all the time, in perfected bodies, in a perfect creation, without the hindrance of sin.

It's now bedtime, since I have to be up in time for Men's Fraternity in the morning. That's 6 am. Which is only 7 hours away. And my get-up time of 5 am is only 6 hours away. God bless, all.

- Chris

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  1. Chris, i want to tell you this in all sincerity. You are going to be a great husband, so choose your bride well. You do not want to choose a bride who will not appreciate your value and worth - that would be like throwing pearls to swine. Choose a bride who sees in you all the beauty God is creating and molding. You are valuable in the eyes of God, and you bring Him pleasure. Allow Him to guide you to that incredible lady who will join with you and enhance what God is creating in you. As He is creating and molding you, He is forming you to be perfect for her, too. The beauty of your union will be incredible!


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