Saturday, February 3, 2007

To think, to dance

Relatively short post tonight (and I actually mean that!) - just two short things.

First, please take a look at this article on cities' active attacking of those who try to help the homeless if you get a chance... it's something that we need to pray about and guard against in our own communities. We have a responsibility ourselves to be helping these people where and when we can; and the sorts of actions being taken by these municipalities directly hinder our ability to follow Jesus' command to love these people. Having a "nice" city that's attractive to developers and the like is quickly becoming more important than these people's lives. I understand that, and I understand the benefit even to these people that having more development and business can have. Yet there is a better way than this to deal with the homeless. Much of that involves us - but we have to make sure we are still able to help. It also means making active efforts to help deal with the problems posed by homelessness for cities, but more so to help deal with the problems faced by homeless people... above all the addictions, mental problems, and so forth that many of them suffer from. We have the ultimate cure for all of those things in the person of Christ, and they need Him, as well as material support. We can give them both, and we should.

In other news, I went dancing tonight, which was amazing. I had a wonderful time, and I'm so very glad I went to that instead of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic concert (though I'm sure that was excellent). I needed a chance to dance... I love dancing. In the process, I got to spend good amounts of time with several friends, including Emily, Devon, and Sabrina. I also (finally!) got to meet Lori, who is as wonderful in person as she's seemed to be via the blogosphere. It was fun, too, seeing Jason (her husband, Sabrina's brother), Danny, Sarah, and others out in a different setting than I'm used to seeing any of them in - a "social" setting, for lack of a better word. Last but not least, I developed a nasty blister on my left big toe, thanks to a hole in that sock that went from trivial to throw-away-the-sock-now quality over the course of the evening. Lots of fun.

Anyways, I need to go take some time in the word, and I've got to be up in just over 7 hours, so I will now depart. Hopefully that post on men standing up can go up within the next few days; it remains on my heart to write. God bless, all!

- Chris

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  1. thank you for your prayers

    and your unique perspective

    dancing is a staple in our home :) my girls and i dance around the house everyday!


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