Thursday, February 15, 2007

Right place, right time

Oh, and one other thing...

Have you ever had that feeling that you are exactly where you need to be? That God has placed you precisely where you are precisely when you're there for a reason? That happened to me tonight. I won a $1200-value electronics package. Television, camera, video iPod... and I wasn't there to win it. I thought about going, briefly, but decided I needed to be at the BSU Coffeehouse instead. So I was there, talking to a friend, when I got a text message from my roommate noting that I'd won the package but wasn't there to get it, so they redrew and gave it to someone else. Pretty crazy, right? Not really. I knew that I was going to win something when I signed up for Housing next year (which is what put my name in the drawing). Just a moment of clarity, an absolute knowledge that I was going to win something. It didn't matter. I knew I was going to not win, because I wasn't going to be there. Instead, I got to be talking to a friend, and God used it for His purposes and His glory. What need do I have for those? I already have a television, a very nice camera, and a good mp3 player. None of those would have been any use to me, though they would have been a blessing. I hope and pray that they're a major blessing to whoever did win them, and I hope that God somehow uses them in that person's life. I was where I needed to be; God used it as a testimony in someone else's life (and I pray He continues to!). I don't think I've ever had quite so much joy in my life at not being present to win $1200 worth of coolness. God is incredibly awesome. I hope you're all blessed throughout the day ahead. Praise Him who is worthy to be praised!

- Chris

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  1. so cool - what a great reflection of the character of God living out through you.


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