Monday, February 19, 2007

Two more blogs

I'm recommending another couple of blogs to read tonight. I know... not many for a while, and then a spurt of several in a row here. I've had the pleasure of seeing some friends who are very grounded in the Word and very attentive to the Spirit start blogging, and I've been blessed to find a few others while roaming the blogosphere. God has blessed me immensely through these!

The first one is my father's blog, Learning to Live in the Light. It's very different in tone from mine - or indeed from any I've read. It's also very much a blessing because of that. He brings a very different perspective to the table than most bloggers I've read. It has a more visceral, experiential feel to it, and because of that it communicates at a different level and in different ways than say, mine or Curious Servant's do. I think you'll be immensely blessed. Speaking from the vantage point of having him as my father as well as a friend and a fellow blogger, I can vouch for his wisdom and his heart to honor God with his words and his life. I hope you're blessed and encouraged.

The second blog is my friend Katie's. She's another person who's absolutely on fire for God, and completely sold out on the cause of advancing the gospel to the nations. She's got a heart for missions, and she's so passionate about the word of God that it really humbles me at times. Her posts are focused on exactly that: the word and its application. (Hopefully she'll post more frequently than she has been thus far!) You can find her at For His Glory. Be blessed!

I pray you are all filled with the wonder of who God is and how marvelous is His work in our lives. Grace and peace with you!

- Chris


  1. I saw your father's blog but couldn't find the other. that was really interesting, the same as yours.
    i really enjoyed reading some of your previouse posts.
    thanks for visting my blog


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