Monday, March 5, 2007


I didn't see this coming. My perceptions have been completely wrong. And I'm still in the dark at the moment. That's okay.

I know that God is working good. This is hard. Those two are not mutually exclusive.

Your prayers would be appreciated. I need a breakthrough. It's going to have to be miraculous. So it's a good thing we serve a God who does miracles all the time.

I love you all. Grace and peace.

- Chris


  1. Dear God, You know and love Chris like no other ever. And You know where he is and why he's there and where he's going; and You alone know what He needs. You love to work in ways that show You alone are God, and that if not for You, *this* would never have been possible.

    I ask You, by the authority of the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, Father God, to work in such a miraculous way in Chris' life right this very moment so that all will turn and look and see and know that You alone are God, that this is all about You and nothing about Chris, and all will glorify Your Holy Name for these wonders You are about to perform! As my Mentor always says, this will be *glorious*! Comfort Chris in an amazing way right now. Thank You, God, for what You are about to do. Thank You for this young man who loves and trusts in You so wholeheartedly. Bless him for his perseverance and faith. I love You, Holy God, Ame

  2. Thanks, Ame. You prayed - as you often do - exactly what is needed, though you know nothing of the situation. Thanks for your prayers and your friendship.

  3. Chris, I know the Lord will make His way clear to you. Sometimes it is the surprises along the way which bring the greatest growth and blessing.

    I am praying. Love you,


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