Wednesday, April 4, 2007

21 Questions

I'm taking a brief break from the studies - which are thoroughly insane this week; I have a huge amount of homework that will hopefully be finished by midnight tonight (until I start on next week's, of course); in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the following articles from BLOG and MABLOG, a fairly well known Christian blog (I've not done more than glance at it a few times, so no recommendation overall, but the few entries I've read from over there have been pretty good). These particular entries are questions to be asked by a father (or pastor) of a woman being pursued by some prospective suitor, and questions that a prospective suitor ought to be asking about the woman he's pursuing - questions that set a challengingly high standard.

To the parents out there, these are good questions to ask potential suitors of your daughter, or to ask your son about the woman he's pursuing. These are the kinds of questions I want my future father-in-law to ask me. And thus, to those of you my age or anywhere around it who are still in the pursuit stage, these questions set the standard we ought to be aiming for in our own lives, so that we will be suitable helpmeets to those we eventually marry.

21 Questions for a Potential Suitor
21 Questions for a Potential Wife

Sourced: Boundless Line

God bless you all, and enjoy!

- Chris


  1. These were good to read through along with the comments that followed. Praying for you! Love you, Mom

  2. And praying for a future father-in-law who will measure up to your expectations. :-D

  3. you know, i'm not really comfortable with all of this. i've not commented on the thread yet, and may not - simply have a lot going on and would want to carefully word it so that i convey myself accurately.

    i think there is some good in there. wouldn't want to wipe it out all together. but it leans way over on the legalistic side for me.

    one thought - if a potential suitor were to be asked these questions by a young woman's father, then i would find integrity in the father if he would first answer the questions about himself!

    i find that sometimes parents create such stringent guidelines out of "fear" which they could never have measured up to themselves.

    honestly, chris. if this were a test, i'd flat out fail - now, and when i was in college.

    i understand the idea here, but i do not care for the execution of the idea.

  4. I didn't know Douglas Wilson (BLOG and MABLOG) had a weblog.

    He is the author of a book Katie and I are reading together, "Reforming Marriage." The book is required reading from the minister doing our wedding (
    The book is great... I might even recommend it to my Dad.

    A lot of what Douglas Wilson has to say is good to listen to.

  5. I read some of the question. Some were okay but some were too tactless for my liking. According to the questions, I don't necessarily made the cut of a "good" catch :P. I can see the author's intentions but there's had to be a better way to get to know the potental suitor or wife. It just makes me feel that I'm less of an asset for marriage. Thats just how I feel, no offense.


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