Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The "little" things

So, they had chicken parmesan in the cafeteria tonight. First time of the evenings when I've gone to the caf in about two months that that's happened. It's my favorite thing they make there, and it was there tonight. God knows, and He is faithful. Little blessings, little encouragements - not so little, really. He's amazing.

God bless, and peace be with you all.

- Chris


  1. Praise God for food. After my fast, I became so grateful for food :). However, it's a known fact that school food can really reek at times ;P.

  2. one of the first things i did in college was drop the meal plan ;)

    then one sunday this guy asked me if i wanted to eat lunch with him - they were serving briscuit in the cafeteria. i said yes, but had no clue at that time what briscuit was! i was SO thankful they labled the food ;)

    this same guy made me chicken fried steak once, too. it took me forever to figure out if it was chicken or steak ... but he was a good cook!


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