Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sometimes... but... still

On a much lighter note... here's a poem I wrote several months back about the amusing ups and downs of romantic pursuit. It's intended to be humorous... so laugh along with me at it.

Sometimes... but... still

God bless you all. I pray you're blessed in the following day as you continue to reflect on the greatness of Christ's victory almost 2000 years ago. Have a wonderful Resurrection Day!

- Chris


  1. :)

    love it :)

    and ... not to discourage you ... but it will often be the same as the days and months turn into years of marriage ...

    men will continue to be a mystery to women; and women will continue to be a mystery to men ... no matter how long we're married :)

    thankfully, God created forgiveness and reconcilliation :)

  2. The world of romance.. I like to think of this as a rose. Beautiful flower to look at and have but be careful with the thorns and the deal with the care it acquires

  3. it's a funny poem by the way. hehehe


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