Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog recommendation

I've been reading Dr. Del Tackett's blog, Truth Observed, for a couple months now, and have been consistently impressed (and humbled by) his understanding of God's word, philosophy, history, and the like. There aren't many better people I've run across discussing those topics in the blog world, or indeed even in regularly published texts. His commitment to the holy word of God and to the truth as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ are very much an encouragement and a blessing. I highly recommend you all read his blog (in fact, if you have a choice between reading his and mine, I think you'd be better served reading his).

I was astounded when I realized that this man would be teaching one of my classes here at Focus on the Family Institute - and the time I have spent with him in class have only confirmed the picture I had of him from his work on the Truth Project and his blog. He is one of the most passionately dedicated man I have known in his heart for Scripture and for the glory of God.

Seeing the blog world and the "real world" converge this way has been really interesting.

I pray God's peace and love and comfort be with all of you.

- Chris

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