Sunday, June 24, 2007

A man with heart...

Wow. I just found something absolutely incredible. Watch this, and then watch this. Paul Potts is a surprise - to everyone. I've never heard someone sing quite like this. I've heard people with better technique. But I've never heard someone sing this well with this much passion and, more importantly, heart. I've seen people sing with this much passion and heart, but never this well. You'll get his story in the clips - and that makes it so much more powerful.

[Sourced: Boundless Line]

I think there is some interesting commentary here, about the way that God has made us and the place He has given us to live out the gifts and talents that He has placed inside each and every one of us. Most of us will never stand in front of a nation and suddenly explode into popularity - but all of us have a responsibility to exercise the gifts that He has given us, not simply leave them dormant. When we do, it is beauty that results, because it is what we were created for. I don't know whether Paul Potts is a Christ-follower - I hope he is - but I know that all of us who are need to surrender our own understanding of what life ought to be and simply follow God's leading, exercising that which He has given us.

Good night!

- Chris


  1. incredible beyond words which would only marr the beauty and experience

    thank you for sharing

  2. Wow. And what you wrote about using the gifts He has given is exactly what I am beginning to step out into. Thanks.
    Love you!


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