Saturday, June 9, 2007

A matter of trust

This summer is requiring a lot of trust in my Father. It's funny... I know that He will come through here, do something incredible. I just don't know what it's going to look like yet. And I - the physics major, the apologetics geek, the answer freak - have a hard time if I don't know exactly how things are going to play out. It's not so much my mind as my heart that's struggling right now. My mental theology is fine; my emotional theology, not so much. I'm working on grounding myself in the Word and meditating on it so that I can retrain my heart to trust, to believe God will come through.

I have $1500 left to pay for the Focus on the Family Institute. I also have almost $800 in other bills to pay this summer. My job will probably pay for the latter. It won't cover the former - nor even close. I've no idea - none whatsoever - how God is going to move that mountain; yet I also know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am at this moment precisely where I'm supposed to be. I have rarely in my life experienced the peace I have right now about being here at the Institute, with these people, at this time. This was a divine appointment. That means that God has a way for me to walk through this; He (who is He Who Provides) will do all that is necessary for His will to be fulfilled. I don't know what my part is beyond what I'm doing. Many thoughts, ideas... none of which would help, so far as I can see.

I'm immensely blessed at that first total - the $1500 left for the Institute. That means that people have generously (and probably sacrificially) given some $500 dollars for this. To all of you who have given who might read this: thank you. That's a lot! And to those of you who have prayed for provision: thank you! That's equally important here!

I do ask for your continued prayers, for your continued spiritual support for me. Indeed, I ask for more, and for all of my colleagues here at the Institute, not just myself. It's become very clear over the last week that by being here, we've very much put ourselves on the front lines of the spiritual battle going on in America. There have been a lot of attacks - physically, emotionally, spiritually - against us already, from sickness to our dreams. We need your covering and support as we are very much waging a battle here. It is good to know we are not fighting it alone, or even just those of us here.

For now, I must get to eating and reading before I head off to work. God bless you all, and may He richly reward you as you continue to follow after Him!

- Chris

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