Monday, August 6, 2007

Multivaried notions

I'm in Oklahoma now... I've been back here for three days. I drove from Colorado Springs to Norman in almost exactly 10 hours, including rest stops and gasoline stops. I'm glad to be back. It's not as hot as I expected, though it is much hotter and more humid than Colorado, of course.

Yellowstone was beautiful. Hopefully I'll have pictures up within the next week or so... sorting through the 1600+ pictures my dad and I took will take some time, though.

It's funny how much growth occurs out of conflict.

Drives are great times to meditate on the character and nature of God.

When I miss even just a few days of my consistent Bible study, I miss it - and it really affects my heart and spirit in deep ways.

Sin is best confronted by active, aggressive action taken to turn one's heart back toward God - toward desiring His best and His glory, and then actually acting in ways to glorify Him. When we are actively glorifying God, when we are delighting in doing things that are revelatory of His nature and being in its fullness to those around us and to our own hearts, there is no room for any enjoyment of sin. Even the temptation is beaten when we focus on Christ instead of on the temptation to sin.

How beautiful it is for brothers to pursue God together, to dwell in His word and delight in praying to Him together! I've rarely been so blessed as in the two hours of prayer I spent with Jamin last week; and the only thing that compares is the experience of spending another six hours meditating on God's word, praying, and writing a song together...

I love my family. We butt heads sometimes, but always all of us are seeking God's will and the very best, and wherever we make mistakes, the Spirit faithfully brings correction and draws us closer to Him - and to each other.

I'm so incredibly excited for my sisters this year, to see how God moves in their lives. One going into her sophomore year of high school, and she will change that school. The other beginning her freshman year of college, and she will make a difference in many lives around her. They both bless me immensely.

I love writing letters. I'm probably going to try to write one Wednesday night to a friend from FFI. I miss the people at FFI, and I miss the community we shared, though of course it's clear that we are all to be right where we are at this very moment.

A workplace where people truly love God is an incredible place to be. I'm looking forward to being back at this Mardel.

RA Training may not be the most exciting phase of this job - though it's definitely one of the busiest - but it is a very great blessing, and I'm enjoying it thus far. I know that I have definitely been placed with this team for this time for a very specific purpose. And I love the team of people I'm working with this semester.

It's hard to find time to write a book in the midst of all of this. But the time is there; I simply must be disciplined, exercise my will as I surrender to Christ, and walk forward as He calls.

I may be doing less this semester than I thought. And God has a funny way of opening our eyes to places we called something His wisdom when it was really our own. I am slowly learning to presume less that I know exactly what the future holds. (It's interesting... I don't plan things out precisely; I just expect them to go the way I imagine they will. Amusing, especially to Him who holds all things in His hands, I've no doubt.)

I'm going on a blind date with a friend of a friend, along with the friend who's setting this whole thing up and her boyfriend. I'm not really expecting anything in particular out of this; I anticipate an enjoyable evening and no more... yet if God should move to create a good friendship (or even more) who am I to argue with Him? At the very least the evening should prove entertaining.

And all of this comes together in my heart to simply shout out with all my strength, "May God be glorified in my words, in my thoughts, in my deeds!"

I love you all... but far more importantly, our Father in Heaven loves you deeply, passionately, with an abandon that exceeds our ability to comprehend. Walk in the assurance of His plan for your life, in whatever pain or joy you find yourself. May His peace surround you.

- Chris

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  1. in the fall my dear friend's husband was in a bizarre boating accident, filled his lungs completely with lake water, spent weeks in trauma icu, and is alive, well, and kickin. the decisions he made in the face of death have taken time to implement. the euphoria of living so deep within the arms of God on such an intense level lasted for a long time. now, it's the day in and day out of life.

    there's a time for everything under the sun. there's a time for the euphoria from the intensity of living so deep within the arms of God, as you have experienced this summer at FFI. there's a time for wrestling through developing independence as your own man from your parents and yet still remaining their honoring son. there's a time for spending great lengths of time in the solitude of the Almighty. and there's a time for returning back to the day in and day out of life.

    one is not more valuable than another. God has placed within a need for all times and seasons of life. allow them to be what they are meant to be as you continue to absorb and expreience intimacy with your God.

    how wonderful it has been to take this journey with you from afar!

    now you step into another leg of your journey ... intriguing what God has for you ... what He has prepared you for ... nothing is in vain ... nothing is wasted ... God is purposeful ... awesome, isn't it :)


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