Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beautiful day

Today was probably the most beautiful day I've seen here at OU. Perfect skies, perfect temperature, perfect weather. It was gorgeous. I wish I had more time to be outside in it. I love days where the air is crisp, cool but not cold, and filled with the indescribably scent of fall. It's a wonderful smell, and a wonderful feeling. I want to just stretch my lungs out enough to pull it all in.

It makes me want to worship... it makes me want to shout at the top of my lungs... it makes me want to leap and cavort about in a wild dance of pure unadulterated joy. It makes me want to compose a symphony large enough to proclaim the beauty of the day, and fills me with the knowledge that such work is forever beyond me, forever unattainable.

How does one capture the mystery of beauty - especially of the beauty that only divinity, only our great God, could have created? How does one describe the taste of fall, the bright flare of sun slightly dimmed from summer, of sky turned somehow bluer and farther away, the crispness of the air that one inhales, the feel of fall all surrounding, penetrating, calling out to the very pores of your body to worship the One who made all this?

Words fail me; music fades into silence; I am left alone in the stillness before God, the wind blowing gently against my face, against the almost-turning leaves, against the slowly browning grass, carrying with it the fragrance of a creation that cries out "Glory to God in the highest!" I cannot but join them, calling out to my creator, my king, with every moment of my life, every ounce of strength, every waking breath...

The heavens declare the glory of God, / the sky above proclaims His handiwork. (Psalm 19:1)
The voice of the Lord strips the forests bare, / and makes the deer give birth, / and in His temple everything cries out, "Glory!" (Psalm 29:9)

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!

- Chris


  1. YES!!! I love how you articulated that here!!!!!!! I love how God's creation draws me into Him ... into worshiping my Creator!

  2. Hi Chris,

    The fourth paragraph of your post is poetic... could almost be part of a song... actually it is a song... a song of praise.

    Sounds like the weather you had there today was very similar to what we had here today and we were enjoying it very much the same.

    Love ya, Papa

  3. Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your visits and encouragement and prayers.

    What a mess, eh?

    We'll see what He does with it all.


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