Sunday, September 23, 2007

Speaking and silence

Does God often choose to speak only in the silence?

Or is He always speaking -

and we hear Him only when He overpowers our noise

and when we are silent?

- Chris


  1. :)

    What is it that we're wanting Him to speak that we're not hearing?

    I wonder ...

    There are times I wait ... and He is silent ... till His time is full and He is ready. There are times ... I am too full ... and I cannot hear ;)

    I find Him speaking all the time ... when I take the time to listen ... and He fills me ... indwells powerfully within me ... even the wind speaks His Name, when I listen.

    Above all ... whether we believe He is speaking or silent ... He is Sovereign, Holy, Good, Just, Perfect. So whether it is in a season of "silence" we are dwelling or one of "not listening" or one of hearing Him so clearly it's as though He is speaking and writing His words at the same time so as not to loose effect, He is God.

  2. Amen to what Ame shared.
    The Word says "All creation testifies of Him."


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