Sunday, September 2, 2007

Steadfast love

I learned something amazing tonight, something I didn't know before. This is life-changing, but so incredibly simple at the same time. (That's often true.)

God delights in His steadfast love.

He delights in loving us, continually and faithfully. He loves loving. He takes pleasure in loving us - unchangingly, unflinchingly, despite all we do.

Simple. Obvious, in some ways. But I didn't know it before tonight. I still don't know it, in the sense of a deep-seated conviction that has transformed my life. That will come...

Grace and peace be with you all. May you know the depth of God's love for you!

- Chris

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Chris ... I needed to read this tonight ... God's love, for me, is so very difficult to understand and accept and experience. I've been praying He show me His love in tangible ways. Wow ... that He loves to love me ... wow ... wow ... I'll ponder that in my heart for a long time. Thanks.


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