Saturday, February 16, 2008

I miss silence

I miss silence.

Stillness, peace, tranquility.

There is always a fan on in my room. I hate it.

There is always noise around campus: cars, loud people talking, and endless air conditioning units. I hate it.

Today was a quiet day outside: it rained, and rain is - most of the time - a quiet thing. Especially rain like today's: even when it rained hard, it rained gently. And it was peaceful, quiet, calm: people stayed inside, and campus was hushed, and as the breeze blew it blew gently, and the mist falling across my face was cool and pleasant - and it was good. I loved it.

I miss silence. High mountains where the wind and the birds are all you can hear when you stop talking, meadows crossed by gently murmuring brooks, forests filled with snow and gently dripping icicles, gentle rain beating quietly against your tent, the peaceful crackling of a fire set against the backdrop of a black night with stars so brightly shining overhead - gazing at the stars and marveling, slowly breathing in the crisp clean air...

I miss silence...

- Chris


  1. Me too.
    You were here in town last summer, and you went camping with FFI, but you and I did not. And our family did not. I miss that.


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