Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures of my girlfriend (do you have any idea how weird it is to type that?) and me last night celebrating Valentine's Day. I am an incredibly blessed guy to have her in my life!

I am still in awe that I've been blessed to have an amazing girl like her in my life - passionate about Christ, loves people, bubbling over with joy, musical, deep, thoughtful, kind, tenderhearted, and incredibly beautiful... I don't deserve her. She's amazing.

And we had an amazing night last night.

God bless you all.

- Chris


  1. Happy Valentines to both of you. It sounds like you are both very happy.

  2. Chris, she's BEAUTIFUL! And you're glowing! Of course you deserve her ... I just hope she deserves you ;) (am I sounding too much like a momma ;)

  3. Your Mama and Papa love the pictures.

    How wonderful it is to see you looking SO happy.
    That makes our hearts happy.

    I reflected a moment last night on what a fun, wonderful thing it is as a parent when your children grow up and start having these joyous times (aka romantic interests) in their lives.
    (Also how difficult it is when, on occasion all is not so well with them.)


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