Thursday, May 1, 2008


Dancing is mandatory. In heaven, I mean, not now. Oh, there will be dancing.

The glory of Christ will demand it. How can one not dance?

I ache, sometimes, to simply leap and twirl and kick - to use my body and movement to express outwardly the inward life that I have been given. Christ has made me alive. I am not only no longer dead, I have life with abundance. I have everlasting life. I have hope, and joy, and freedom, and a sum total of it all that cannot be captured with this language, for English has no word to adequately express this notion of the totality of it all. Gestalt is close, but obviously not English, and even it does not, I do not think, fully capture the notion.

I want to shout at the top of my lungs: How great the King of Israel, the Kinsman Redeemer, the Great Ransomer, the Prince of Peace, the Lord of all creation. He - is - great!

There are not words, there is no melody, there are no colors - that are capable of capturing even the slightest hint of His greatness, His splendor, His all-consuming majesty and power. He is greater than the greatest imaginings of men. He is perfectly free. And He loves us, delights in us as we delight in Him! He delights in Himself, in His own perfection, His own beauty and strength and an infinity of glory. And there is nothing comparable to reveling in His glory and majesty.

The beauty we see and hear and smell in this world is but the most utterly insignificant fraction, an incomprehensibly infinitesimal fraction of his beauty: less than an atom to the size of the universe. And my heart bursts to overflowing with it. I cannot contain it; I cannot hold back my delight in this God-King who rules over all yet loves to walk beside me, this Greatest of all who is great enough to be humble, this perfect Judge who is utterly merciful...

He is God! He is beyond our words' ability to describe, and so worth every day's utter devotion to describe Him, though an entire eternity will not be enough to understand Him, far less to create words great enough to describe Him.

Will we, perhaps, invent entire languages devoted to the better description of God Himself? Will we spend the aeons learning how to better communicate our devotion to Him through new instruments, each more lovingly crafted than the one before, more perfect? Will we spend a trillion trillion years coming to terms with the splendor of a new creation with new physics and new chemistry and new biology?

My heart cries out, "Yes!" in a great exultant shout, passionately looking forward to the day when we will be like Him. And why will we be like Him? Because we shall see Him as He is! How incredible, how marvelous - to finally at long last see Him as He is. We shall not see Him totally, but we shall see Him perfectly. Oh, my heart aches for that day, longs for it to be now. I have so much to do before that day, but I look forward to like nothing else: for nothing can possible compare with looking on the face of God, to see Christ revealed in His glory, to enter into perfect fellowship with the Father, mediated by the Spirit, growing ever closer to the Trinity. There is nothing that compares to the supreme glory of the God of all, and nothing that compares to the delight we shall then have in being in His presence, feasting with Him. Oh, for that moment when we shall fall awed at His feet, and He reaches down and lifts us, calling us "friend," when the blinders of sin fall away and we finally see Him without our own falsehoods, when no hint of idolatry remains...

Dancing will be mandatory - but not burdensome, not a weight in any way; instead a glorious exulting in God, unleashed by new bodies to proclaim the glory of God unhindered.

The glory of God - His fullness, His every attribute in perfection, His name, His person!

I have no words. I am lost. I cannot but cry out to Him, seek Him, worship Him with every part of me.

His glory!

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