Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jobs and other topics

I've been offered two jobs in the last three days. Both were a very good fit for me, something I thought I would enjoy doing. Both were one detail from being workable. I couldn't take either of them.

That could be really frustrating. Instead, I'm finding myself contented with the knowledge that whatever God has for me is better. He will supply all my needs; He will make provision as it is needed. Of this I am absolutely confident. And that is a pleasant place to be indeed. It is good to trust Him. I must now be obedient to continue looking - and it has been His good pleasure to encourage me along the way with the enthusiasm with which the jobs have been offered. The person I spoke with today assured me I would be at the top of their candidate list for future hirings... praise God!

At the same time, I'm looking at what research I'm going to be doing this summer and next fall (if it works out this summer) for my capstone: and it's possible that I may be working on a topic in biophysics. My professor and I are going to look at it in more detail on Friday. Needless to say, it's fascinating and full of interesting possibilities and topics. The area is completely wide open to research, because so very little has been done it, and it's essentially a "baby" field of research.

For the first time in a long time, I'm actually really excited about what I'm doing for my physics degree: not just enjoying it well enough, but really excited about the things ahead of me.

I had a wonderful conversation today with a brother in Christ named Silas: a friendly man who works at Wong Key in the Union. I love when fellowship comes in unexpected places. And Silas had a few good suggestions about the path to seminary (if indeed that is where God leads me), suggestions that fit a few things I've been batting around in my own head.

A few days ago I felt led to share a particular verse with a friend I had called, though I was only leaving her a message. It turned out that she was having a horrid day and had been crying out for God to speak to her about something: that something being exactly matched with the verse I shared with her, not knowing why, and being of use and comfort as she and friends came under spiritual attack that night. Praise God, who is greater than we can imagine, who works in ways we do not understand or even dream of!

May His glory consume us day by day; may we live ever for Him alone!

- Chris

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  1. I'm very blessed for you that you are finding yourself excited about something in physics again. I never believed God would give you such a passion for it and then leave you to wonder about where it was going if anywhere. It is not true to His character. He blesses us with gifts and interests so that we may use them for Him.

    The kinds of ministry opportunities that you mention are usually the best kind (in my humble opinion), because they are the most natural and flow with the Spirit.
    Sharing a scripture with somebody and having it be EXACTLY what they need is purely Holy Spirit led and that is always awesome to me.


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