Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two brief thoughts

Two rather unrelated thoughts.

First, I like fiction, especially the truly good kind which is simultaneously well-written and has a theme and idea that point back to Christ. Dostoevsky was the master of this. For modern work, Stephen Lawhead isn't a bad bet (I'm working on some of his stuff now, and it's very, very good in both regards).

Second, I hate seeing friends hurt and being able to do nothing for them. I'm glad, then, that I can do something for them: I can pray. That we so often take as a small or trivial thing. It is not. In His sovereign wisdom, God has ordained that our prayers impact eternity itself. That is a very large thing indeed: and it is a great responsibility that we are given, to pray. I dare not take it too lightly. Truth be told, I sometimes wish I could wish away my friends' pain, but this I know for truth: God truly is in control, working all things for good.

- Chris

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