Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm currently seeing if I can integrate the majority of my online work into a single location, making use of some of the very rich features of iGoogle. Currently I've integrated my Gmail account (one of two I primarily use; the other is my school e-mail address), my Calendar (which I've now synced up with iCal on my Mac, and which would readily support integration with a capable phone if I so desired), my Astronomy Picture of the Day, and even a Google Maps gadget. Thoroughly handy.

Oh, yes, and I should mention that I'm publishing this from one click on that same page, which immediately takes me to my "Create Post" page here on Blogger.

I'm finding myself fairly thoroughly impressed with this. Good work, Google. Between your superlative efforts and the ongoing encroachment by Apple on territory that Microsoft long dominated fairly effortlessly, the technological world is looking rather different these days than it did five years ago.

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