Monday, August 16, 2010

In the mixer

In the mixer for the week are quite a few things. I just got back from Colorado, and it was a busy if wonderful trip, seeing friends, family, and friends that are like family. For the week ahead, I have just a few things planned:

  • a summary of my oft-used but never written-out description of healthy dating relationships
  • a plea for young women to have high but realistic expectations of the men who seek their hearts and hands in marriage
  • another poem at 52 Verses—it'll be the 10th
  • a treatment of Romans 14:1-23 and 1 Corinthians 1:7-13 for my ongoing treatment of Christians' use of alcohol, to be published sometime next week at Pillar on the Rock
  • lots of good time spent with my wife before she gets absurdly busy by going back to school for her second-to-last semester next Monday
  • work
  • working out
  • brainstorming and plotting for a fascinating short story hook I came up with today
  • reading books, a few of which I'll be reviewing (either here or at Pillar) when I'm done with them

God bless! Hopefully you'll see some of that content before the week is out.

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